This single-torch external welding system offers consistent welding parameter and quality control, and provides the user with 32 programmable welding passes. In addition, this welding machine offers Tip-to-Work Tracking to maintain consistent work distance around the circumference of a weld.

Part of CRC-Evans' Standard Welding System, the P-260 is a self-contained platform incorporating a travel carriage, wire feed motor and wire spool, computer control box, and adjustable welding head. Suitable for GMAW or Pulsed-GMAW processes, this versatile design easily interfaces with most constant-voltage or pulsed-current welding power sources, including the new inverters. The P-260 has the ability to perform external root pass welding in addition to standard hot, fill, and cap pass welding.

The onboard computer ensures precise control of welding parameters: volts, amps, travel speed, oscillation, dwell times, etc. A secure data key prevents unauthorized weld parameter variables from being changed. The removable data key also allows the user to store a real-time log of all essential weld data for further processing in a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet format.

Features & Benefits


  • Narrow-gap joint design
  • Increased deposition rate
  • Microprocessor control
  • Easy operation
  • Consistent weld properties


  • Less weld metal required
  • Higher production rates
  • Programmable for all passes
  • Lower cost per weld
  • Less physical strain on welders
  • Consistent weld quality

Special Features & Applications

Double Joint or Spool-Based Applications

The P-260 system can be used for rollout (1G) applications. This bug can be programmed to seek a user-specified angle on the pipe, and will maintain this position in real time.

P250 Model available without Tip-to-Work Tracking

The P-260 system can be purchased from CRC-Evans without Tip-to-Work Tracking. No vertical motor axis is provided; tip-to-work control is performed manually. All other above-mentioned P-260 features apply to the P-250.

CE European Certification 

The CRC-Evans External Welding Machine (P-260) was tested to EN 55011, Group 1 Class A and was found to be in compliance with the required criteria.

Advanced Technology

With the P-260, CRC-Evans brings a host of innovations to automatic welding. The most important factor for automatic welding is the ability to provide consistent welding parameter and quality control. The P-260 delivers with:

Tip-to-Work Tracking: This technology maintains the torch at a constant tip-to-work distance, so you get uniform results around the circumference of the weld.

Parameter Programming: The P-260 allows for 32 programmable welding passes. Plus there are enforced limits on parameters such as motor speeds, oscillation width, tilt angle, and others, giving you maximum control and consistency. A secure data key protects all parameters from unauthorized changes. This removable key also stores essential weld data, which can be downloaded to PC and further processed via Excel spreadsheet.

Personal Digital Assistants: PDAs give you even more programming and control flexibility. They allow you to download parameters that have been programmed back at the office directly to the P-260 in the field. You can also upload data from the machines, giving you and your clients vital performance information.

Position-Based Parameter Control: A tilt sensor tells the system exactly where the welder is on the circumference of the pipe. Different parameters can be programmed for different pipe zones. When the machine gets to a new zone, the appropriate parameters kick in automatically.

Versatility Defined: The P-260 is self-contained and incorporates a travel carriage, wire feed motor and wire spool, computer control box, and adjustable welding head. Supporting GMAW or pulsed GMAW processes, it easily interfaces with most constant-voltage or pulsed-current power sources, including the new inverters.

General Specifications

Length: 16.5” (419mm)

Width: 20” (508mm)

Height: 15” (381mm)

Weight (w/o wire spool): 46 lbs. (20.91kg)

Wire Spool Weight: 6 lbs. (2.7kg)

Vertical Axis Stroke: 2.5” (63.5mm)

Head Angle Adjustment: ±10°