M-300C external welders from CRC-Evans are proven multipurpose, all-position automated welding systems.

Part of CRC-Evans' Standard Welding System, the single-torch M-300C brings state-of-the-art electronic controls to a proven platform. The M-300C's electronic controls ensure that all necessary welding parameters can be programmed. The M-300C's memory will store parameters for up to 32 welding passes.

Features & Benefits


  • Increased deposition rate
  • Ease of operation
  • Low hydrogen deposit
  • Narrow gap or API bevel
  • Multiple pass welding
  • Higher operator efficiency


  • Higher production rate
  • Less fatigue for welders
  • No hydrogen cracking risk
  • Flexible weld system
  • Less equipment required
  • More welds per day
General Specifications

Length: 22””

Width: 21”

Height: 15”

Weight: 45 Ibs. (20kg)

Wire Spool: 6 Ibs. or 10 Ibs.

Wire Feed Speed: 145 – 540 IPM

Travel: 3” to 40 “ per min.

Welding Power Supply: 300 Amp 100% Duty Cycle

Unit Power Supply: 24 V.120 W DC Regulated

Oscillation Speed: 0.4 – 4.4 in./sec.

Oscillation Width: 0 – 1.7” (0-43mm)

Dwell Time: 0.015 – 1.9 sec

Head Angle: ± 15°

Advanced Technology

The M-300 system welding machine features advanced welding technology from CRC-Evans. The programmable electronic control system can store the welding parameters necessary for multiple welding passes, a feature that allows a single machine to weld root, hot, fill, or cap passes. This flexibility reduces the number of spare machines and parts required for a project.

M-300 welders are suitable for FCAW processes. Such capability allows you to use the best process for your project.

The M-300 is designed to provide a wide range of travel, wire feed, and oscillation parameters to accommodate variances in material type, thickness, and joint design. Wall thickness up to 50mm can be welded using standard or compound bevels, making the M-300 suitable for mainline pipeline, tie-ins, fabrication, tank building, ship building, and numerous other applications.

The M-300 is a versatile, automated all-position welding system featuring onboard control of all essential welding parameters. The M-300 unit is supplied in left- and right-hand versions to allow simultaneous pipe welding by two units, from one guide band. The M-300 system can be used to weld plate using flat section of guide track.

The M-300 welding system is up to three times faster than manual out-of-position welding. In addition to increased deposition rates, the operator efficiency of the M-300 system is improved from 30 percent for manual to 60 percent or higher for the M-300.

The radiographic quality of welds made with the M-300 system will meet API 1104 and ASME Section 8 standards. The consumable and welding techniques used with the M-300 system can achieve a wide variety of mechanical properties necessary to satisfy requirements for X52 to X80 pipeline steels and HY-80 to HY-100 and similar plate steels.