Fused Field Joint Coating (FFJ)

In order to provide a totally compatible field joint coating system for 3 layer polyolefin coated pipelines, we have developed a heat assisted helically wrapped tape application system.

The system utilizes existing equipment for abrasive blasting / surface preparation and application of a fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) plus chemically modified polypropylene (CMPP) or polyethylene (CMPE) dual powder base layers. This layer is then followed immediately by the machine applied polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) tape.

This ensures

  • Total integration between factory and field joint coatings
  • Comparable performance (i.e. no 'weak-link')
  • Better quality
  • Automatic machine application - repeatable results
  • Faster cycle - times
  • Reduced material wastage Improved mechanical / physical properties
  • A tougher coating (with high early strength)

The concept of the Fused Field Joint results in complete fusion between both the individual layers of helically wrapped tape to one another and to the factory coating overlap so that there is no discernible interface between the factory and field joint coatings.

This system now has an extensive track record of use on overland and offshore pipelines, as well as in spoolbases.