Project Management

Focused exclusively on offshore projects, your team is available to you around the clock, every step of the way.

A key factor of Total Project Support™ is integrated offshore project management. CRC-Evans backs all of our offshore products and services with a highly experienced team of offshore personnel ready to manage your project, support your efforts, and help you accomplish your objectives.

A Start-to-Finish Partnership

Your CRC-Evans project management partnership begins at the planning and tendering stage. Working from your project parameters, our offshore experts will assist you with your most critical decisions, providing recommendations on everything from optimal equipment choices and welding processes to qualification program requirements and production cycle times.

Your Dedicated Project Management Team

Once the scope of your project is established, CRC-Evans will assemble your offshore Project Management Team. This team will include experts in welding, equipment, engineering, production, NDE, and FJC—all working cohesively to address any issues that may arise and ensure that safety, quality, and production goals are met. Your dedicated Project Management Team will be led by a Project Manager, who will serve as your single point of contact and is responsible for making sure that all project stages progress smoothly.

Comprehensive Documentation Management

CRC-Evans will also help you manage all documentation required for your project, including operating procedures, Inspection and Test reports, and HSE Project Plans. CRC-Evans will provide you with a Master Document Register (MDR) tailored to your project, listing all the documents you can expect to receive from us.

On Time & On Budget

Every offshore pipeline construction project has its own set of complexities. Your CRC-Evans Project Management Team will help you manage them from beginning to end. A single accountable source, your team will come through for you on time, on budget, and at the highest level of quality and safety.