The one company that combines leading-edge technology with decades of experience to give you unparalleled offshore pipeline construction guidance, CRC-Evans offers a menu of capabilities you simply can't find anywhere else.

A Single Source for Offshore Pipeline Construction 

CRC-Evans' offshore construction capabilities include project management, spoolbase, S-lay, J-lay, and fabrication services, giving you a turnkey solution for exceptional welding, inspection, and field joint coating performance. A proven single source for design engineering, pipe handling, welding, NDT, field joint coating, and integrated management of all related services, CRC-Evans leads the industry in the development and delivery of today's most effective offshore pipeline construction technology. 

Proven Technology Solutions

CRC-Evans' proven technology solutions are the result of an intense focus on offshore research and development. CRC-Evans designs state-of-the-art offshore construction equipment specifically built for the rigors of offshore pipeline construction. We then back all of our technology with offshore specialists who directly support your unique needs as your project unfolds. 

Versatile Project Options 

If you simply need a ready source for automatic welding systems, CRC-Evans has you covered. If you're looking for innovative new ways to maximize productivity in the confined space of a laybarge, we can help. If you need a full-fledged start-to-finish project solution, no one will do more for you than CRC-Evans. At CRC-Evans, everything we do is motivated by the same objective: helping you boost the speed of your operation, maintain the highest quality levels, optimize your investment, and keep your construction project on schedule. 

Integrated Project Management 

From the planning and tendering stage through project scope establishment throughout all phases of engineering and construction, an experienced CRC-Evans Project Management Team will oversee all aspects of your offshore pipeline construction work. No matter how complex your offshore project may be, our comprehensive approach to project management will ensure that you come in on time and at the highest level of quality and safety.