CRC-Evans Offshore understands the challenges of the offshore firing line—the tight deck space, the limited welding stations, tight time constraints, and the very high cost of downtime. We can help you succeed in even the most trying environments, configuring the manpower and technology that will optimize your operation, both logistically and financially. 

CRC-Evans Offshore combines leading-edge technology with in-depth experience to create intelligent turnkey solutions. Our full spectrum of products and services includes pipe handling, welding, NDE, field joint coating, inspection, and project management. Experience CRC-Evans Offshore and experience the integrated resources you need to meet the industry’s toughest demands.

Project Management
Once the scope of your project is established, CRC-Evans Offshore will assemble an experienced Project Management Team—experts in welding, engineering, production, and NDE. Led by a Project Manager, this team will work cohesively to address any and all production issues and ensure that all project goals are met as promised. CRC-Evans Offshore will also help manage all required project documentation. 

Total Project Support™
A global infrastructure of engineering and support programs, Total Project Support™ (TPS™) is your assurance that CRC-Evans is with you from start to finish. Before any work begins, CRC-Evans analyzes your needs and solves even the most difficult issues. As work unfolds, we help maximize every aspect of your project with high-performance equipment, trained operating technicians, onsite advisors, technical support, and training programs. We help minimize downtime with a full backup equipment fleet, international service teams, and our own spare parts inventory. Should the need arise, a CRC-Evans pipeline construction expert can be dispatched to your project site within 24 hours, anywhere in the world. CRC-Evans means Total Project Support—when and where you need it.